Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood is an amazing woman that always manages to look unique ever since ditching the teaching day job and becoming part of a duo that changed British history with their punky outlook. Since her days of tartan, safety pins and porn slogan t-shirts Westwood has gone from strength to strength. Now focusing on anti-consumerist messages as well as tartan, safety pins and her interesting tailoring, she’s a woman on a mission. But with all these statements, is she simply a woman trying to save the world or is she changing the rules of consumerism to suit her own needs?

Certainly a dark thought and one that I don’t wish to comprehend, even if that was her motive she does it in style. Her spring ’09 collection being classic Westwood, aka mad, she looks as though she is never going to commercialise her style. Perhaps this stubborn streak is the reason she’s a Dame or maybe it’s the Queen’s love of tartan that swung it. A British legend is what she has become and will most definitely stay. An episode of the BBC’s ‘British Style Genius’ is rightly dedicated to her and her fellow fashion mavericks (John Galliano through to Alexander McQueen.)

If I could ever afford a piece of designer memorabilia Vivienne Westwood would be the first stop, if I were to ever get married I would chose that ‘Carrie’ dress, maybe...

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