Victoria Beckham's corset - how to look great in a corset

Victoria Beckham is once again at the forefront of fashion trendsetting with her latest appearance at the Glamour Awards where she accepted Glamour Woman of the Year in London this week. Posh is being recognized for her outstanding achievements in Glamour, yet even that award wasn't able to put a smile on the celebrity pixie. And, we think we know why!

Victoria Beckham pays a high price to achieve her look. Her outfit at the Glamour Awards involved wearing a Chanel corset, hot pants that didn't want to stay in place and heels that would do a number on any Achilles tendon. Reportedly, when Posh sat down in the taxi, one of the bones of the corset broke.

Its no wonder she wears the perma-pout, how much fun can that girl be having? Apparently she sat through a 3-course dinner in the outfit, I can bet she wasn't stuffing herself with second helpings.

The good news is that achieving a fabulous fashion look doesn't have to mean pain. For those of us normal girls, with normal bodies (complete with lumps and bumps), who like to have fun yet look glamorous, we can with the help of Eternal Spirits Corsets. Eternal Spirits, who provide corsetry for an impressive line up of A-listers, including Dita Von Teese, Scissor Sisters, and Kirsty Gallacher, custom make corsets to suit body types of all sizes and shapes. Not only can you find the right corset to accentuate your assets, but also tuck away past sins.

Corsets are the ultimate and most basic fashion accessory that are designed to give women great curves, says Susi Henson, the owner and designer of Eternal Spirits. Our corsets are also very wearable, we custom make corsets that will flatter your body type. Eternal Spirits says there no need to worry about corset bones breaking as their sophisticated design and high quality materials do not use plastic Ridgeline bones, which can break as they warm and compress from body heat. As a testament to the wearability of Eternal Spirits corset, the most common comment after women have worn one, is I don't want to take it off. We bet Posh wasn't saying that after the Glamour Awards!

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