Variety is the Spice of life

Or so they saying goes But now we have to endure the return of the Spice Girls to the musical scene. And with Take That (sans Robbie) also returning to the air waves it really does seem as if we are back in the mid 90s.

It's a bit sad that these groups have re-formed, both for them as entertainers who have clearly never been able to repeat the success they once had, so have to return to their original roots and it's sad that we, the great British public, are strange enough to want them back. The record executives know our misplaced (and probably non-existent) nostalgia for the likes of Sporty or Ginger will lead us to head for the nearest supermarket and part with our well earned cash.
So please, let's make a stand, and not give in to this shameless cashing in on a product we already turned our backs on once before.

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