Usher's underwear

R&B sensation Usher has revealed he is to release his own range of underwear for men and women. As if this guy doesn’t help to turn up the heat in many-a-bedroom already with his sexy tunes, he now wants to cause even more of a spin with his underwear. Usher was recently spotted at Marlies Dekker’s show at Paris Fashion Week where he claims his inspiration came from.

Although having a reputation for being rather sexy and a little bit saucy, Usher says ‘comfort and intimacy’ are key to his range. However, I’m sure we won’t be seeing any big, cotton comfies in his range so keep your eye out for what Usher deems to be comfortable! The new items will be featured in his new video, Trading Places no doubt on some fine specimens of the human form.

Usher has recently been in the press for announcing he plans an all woman tour, and I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of fans that can’t wait to buy into his pants! There is no release date as of yet but it is definitely one to look out for. In the meantime check out Mio Destino for some sexy, saucy lingerie to impress your own Usher.

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