Tess Daly’s Fantastic Bikini Body

Bikini ready Tess Daly, after giving birth to her second baby just ten weeks before, showed off an amazing post baby body. The 38-year-old Strictly Come Dancing presenter and wife of Vernon Kay enjoyed the brief summer sun in a bikini and looked to be having great fun.

Surely proud of his wife’s great bikini body Vernon followed in the steps of Ashton Kutcher and other famous celebrities when he posted photos of Tess involved in a water fight the other weekend on Twitter. The couple already have a four year old daughter Phoebe Elizabeth, with new sister 7lb 15oz Amber Isabella born on May 29th. During her pregnancy Tess said she developed a sweet tooth and was concerned that this time around the baby weight would be hard to lose. It seems there’s been no such problem!

However, some see photos like these as just another way to add pressure to already harassed, tired new mums who are conscious of their new post baby shape. For many new mothers, who live outside the celebrity world of personal trainers and nannies, are often left more stressed rather than glowing. Some argue that the media’s focus on celebs and their slim, toned post baby bodies just leave many women feeling failures if they don’t get their pre-baby body back weeks after giving birth.

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