Sugababes and their new and sexy look.

Sugababes seem intent on ‘making-it’ in the US; in the past British bands have never had much luck conquering America, only a handful ever seem to top the charts. However, the girl band are going with full force with a fierce new look featuring sexy PVC leotards it’s likely they’ll attract attention!

Signing up to Jay-Z’s new label Roc-a-fella label will definitely help give Sugababes credibility in the states, as will working with the likes of Red One (Rihanna, Lady Gaga ), Stargate (Beyonce), Ne-Yo and Ryan Tedder (One Republic). A spokesman for the band said to the Daily Mail ‘the new album is a new direction that feels unmistakably Sugababes but unquestionably fresh'.

Being taken seriously is one thing but attracting attention is another, so alongside their sexy outfits comes a raunchy new video which features the girls chained together, cage dancing, lashed by lasers, strutting in skyscraper stilettos and cavorting in a steamed up glass room; America, take notice.

Unfortunately the girls’ summer promotional plans got hit by the dreaded swine flu with Heidi and Amelle being quarantined for two weeks consequently meaning cancelling everything including the Reading festival.

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