Skinny Jeans for men � good for some but bad for most!

I have studied fashion almost all my life and have embraced the various trends, fads and phases the industry has thrown at us. With the recent trend for reviving vintage fashion, it was inevitable that there would be a resurgence of the 1980s skinny jean. I did not anticipate, however, just how dramatic this comeback would be.

The trend was awful the first time round for women, but recently it has taken on new forms in becoming appealing to men too! The thought of men in skin tight trousers was bad enough, but actually seeing it is even worse it makes me wonder, where do they keep their...things?! By this of course, I mean wallets, keys and phones. Men always keep their essentials in their trouser pockets, but to maintain the skinny trouser look, they surely can't?!

Not only are they ugly, but unflattering too. Pictures of the usual hunks such as Jude Law just prove that the tight trouser look doesn't enhance anything but the ability to make legs look shorter and fatter a bad look for men as well as women. See People's gallery for more A-list stars sporting the tight ones.

However, the trend for skinny jeans has been made even more popular by indie bands such as The Kooks , My Chemical Romance and Razorlight , who wear them in abundance and to be honest, look hot without the slightest questioning of their masculinity. It is only fair to say some men do suit the skinny trouser look, but they are usually very slim and toned and have an extremely unique style the ordinary male probably could not be bothered to keep up.

However strange Russell Brandt may be, he looks good in a pair of skinnies. Front man of Razorlight Johnny Borrell, has made history by being only the seventh ever male to make the front cover of British Vogue wearing his trademark white, very tight skinny jeans without a love handle in sight! This is one trend I do not think will last but for the meantime whilst the stores are still filled with the style, get the best quality from Topman do a wide and trendy selection from just 30.

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