Shipwrecked Withdrawal symptoms?

It's all over - there was joy, love, tears and laughter and a lot of nudity! The Tigers won, and now there's just the long trip home. So right about now, you?re probably having Shipwrecked withdrawal symptoms, so Mio Destino has a little cheer up solution!

When planning your ultimate Seduction Do you?
A) Wear your skimpiest bikini and let him know whose boss?(1)
B) Get to know him, befriend him, then pounce!...(2)
C) You don?t? he?ll come to you?(3)

Your stranded on an Island what Fashion Item ?must have? do you take with you??
A) Your Manolo?s?...(1)
B) Your Gucci Sunglasses?(2)
C) Your Moontide Swimsuit?(3)

A search and rescue team attempt to save you and your friend, but can only take one of you, Do you?
A) Opt for you to be rescued first so you can take your Manolo?s safely home!...(1)
B) Let your friend be rescued, because your enjoying yourself too much on the island and don?t want to leave?(2)
C) You invite the Rescue team in for tea, as you are a great survivor you?ve built your own home on the Island!...(3)

3-5 Sharks

If you?re wild, adventurous, and determined to be centre of attention this Marlies Dekkers Blue Lagoon Bikini is a diva definite this year!

6-7 Tigers
Are you a cool cat? Do you go for the sleek, sophisticated look? Then this Aubade Destination Soleil, Cuba Gold Bandeau Bikini is prrrfect for you!

8-9 The Other Island
Do you take on anything that comes your way? Are you a survivor, sex goddess? Then this Moontide Lava Coffee Reversible solid Halter Swimsuit is what you need!

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