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Rihanna in Mimi Holliday Lingerie

Rihanna in Mimi Holliday Lingerie
To see the full video of Rihanna in Mimi Holliday Lingerie click the you tube image above.

Heard of Rihanna? You know the multi-million selling, umbrella wielding, and downright sexy music sensation. Ah yes, knew you had. Well it seems she is as good at choosing underwear as she is at dominating the charts. Although we can?t fully tell as we keep getting distracted by the video ? no idea why that could be ? it looks as if she?s taken to wearing the peach lace with caramac balcony bra from one of your favourite lingerie brands, Mimi Holliday.

Clearly a girl of taste, the peach bra does bare a rather uncanny resemblance to the bra from the Mimi Holliday range so she clearly knows good lingerie when she sees it. Perhaps she is a regular on the Mio Destino website and is reading this blog right now?if so give us a shout Rihanna and let us know!

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