President Obama’s ‘O-bra-ma’ range

Website ‘The Spoof’ came up with the perhaps the month’s most absurd and funny story. As the news becomes ever more dark and depressing ‘The Spoof ‘ makes a refreshing change, creating spoof news stories for entertainment value. The story that caught Mio Destino’s eye was ‘President Obama Launches his lingerie business’. Competition from the president was definitely going to keep us on our toes!

According to The Spoof; ‘O-"bra"-ma is a range of brassieres which the President says should bring to ladies' underwear what he has brought to politics. "My bras, like my policies, through a mixture of clever marketing and sophisticated packaging, will turn a chest that lacks much substance into something totally alluring and irresistible." The Spoof

Hilariously the article went on to talk about how ‘Obama is not the first president to try to exploit his name to launch a product linked to female sexuality. However, President Bush's ideas were frankly pornographic.’

Sadly buying an ‘O-bra-ma’ bra may be a distant dream; however, back in reality Mio Destino has a fantastic collection of bras and underwear which are definitely both alluring and irresistible!

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