Pixie Lott’s Sexy Leotard and Lingerie

Lingerie-clad and dubbed as the British Lady Gaga the blonde haired, big-eyed Pixie Lott hit the charts at number one with her debut single ‘Mama Do’ and now at the young age of 18 is on the cover of lad’s mag FHM in tiny shorts and blue silk bra lingerie. Inside, the shoot is even raunchier with one shot showing Pixie on her back in a black rubber leotard, clinging to her red stilettos.

It seems Pixie is no stranger to skimpy outfits and lingerie shoots with photos on her website showing her performing bare legged, in a sparkly leotard. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, Pixie admits she likes to show off her body, ‘when asked what she's most confident about body wise, Pixie admitted her legs. She said: 'when I dress up, I like my legs to be free. You don't want everything out. But I definitely like to show off my legs.'

With the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga sharing similar fashion tastes and daring costumes it must be hard for the new pop sensation to attract attention but if she is truly talented she will be rewarded. Despite the FHM pictures portraying the young singer in a way perhaps more suited to her older colleagues, on the official Pixie Lott website it states, -‘Pixie is an 18-year-old singer who, refreshingly, sings as an 18-year-old. Hers is a fresh, expressive, fun and free attitude with a vocal style to match. Let’s hope that Pixie doesn’t lose sight of this fun, fresh attitude and then having to rely on her sex appeal to make her successful.

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