Penelope- Cruzing Confidence

Penelope Cruz spent Saturday partying away at the first night of superstar Prince's Los Angeles residency at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel on Saturday. Apparently tickets for his latest gigs are going for almost $4000!

Bet Pen got in for free

If you want to look as stunning as Ms Cruz, remember what Johnny Depp says in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, confidence is key.

Its a fact that people who like themselves are easier to like. On a superficial level, if you smile at people and show that you are comfortable in your own skin, they are likely to respond well to you.

It may sound trite, but it works. Remember at school, there was always at least one of the popular crowd who wasn't objectively beautiful and cool But she acted as if she was and, hey presto, she was considered beautiful and cool!

Obviously, looks are important, but by acting and feeling confident you can go a long way Who knows, maybe you'll be at Princes next party?

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