Peaches Geldof as Lingerie Model

Famed as the daughter of Bob Geldof, Peaches has tried her hand at journalism, fashionista and IT Girl, now she is trying her hand at lingerie modeling. As the new face of Ultimo she strikes some pretty provocative poses. However, rather than being concerned with how sexy she appears, Peaches hopes to make a point against the current obsession with super skinny models. According to the Daily Mail she believes she ‘is striking a victory for women with normal bodies’. At only 20 herself Peaches is clearly aware of the pressure on young girls today to conform to the media’s representation of what attractive.

However, some may argue that perhaps Peaches isn’t the best role model for today’s young girls. Her recent divorce after less than a year of marriage shocked not only friends and family but also helped her gain a reputation as rebellious wild child. Some amongst the industry have labeled her spoilt and she has even been ‘nicknamed a Boomtown brat’. Despite all this Peaches seems genuinely to care about her the impact of such images as her on today’s young girls, stating; 'I'd rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model.'

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