Paris Hilton to Pen Prision Diaries

Not content with her own TV show, pop career and socialite (tw) IT girl status, Hilton has announced that she is to pen her own prison diaries during her 23 day stint at Lynwood Correction Centre for Women, California.

Taking a leaf from the Naomi Campbell school of thought (whose memoirs The Naomi Diaries from her 5 days community service have just been published in W magazine), Paris intends to write a warts and all expose, detailing just how the other female inmates went all Shawshank on her in the showers. I wonder if the self-defence classes she has been spotted attending this week will come in handy? She can be seen, above, in the Paris Hilton Sympathy Poster.

Prisoner Cell Block Hilton is certainly in for a rough ride; according to reports, she will be confined to an 8ft x 12ft cell, forced to wear an orange jumpsuit and confiscated of her precious Swarovski encrusted mobile phone and hair extensions. She has also been told not to bring any sexy underwear (no problem there then), for fear that they would become prison tender.

Personally, I can't wait to hear how she describes the experience if she has time to lift a pen that is. I'm putting a bet on her being out within two hours, la Michelle Rodriguez, due to overcrowding, while the prison warden drives home in his new convertible...

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