New! Paris Hilton Protest Panties at Mio Destino

paris panties

Join the great debate should Paris be jailed or set free?

With poor little rich girl Paris Hilton facing the prospect of a stint in jail, now is the time to take sides for or against possibly the naughtiest it - girl of them all. and help the fight against ovarian cancer.

Lingerie experts Mio Destino have created a very special, limited edition collection of undies inspired by the great Paris debate.

Lovingly embroidered with either Free Paris or, oh dear, Jail Paris, the range includes sexy pants for the girls, stylish briefs for the boys and a cute doggie dress in recognition of the most important pet in Paris life.

Don't miss out on the chance to own these fabulous pants - just like the girl herself, they are stylish, sexy and make a statement!

In appropriate jailbird stripes, each piece is available for a short time only - log on quicklyto get hold of a pair and wear them on June 5th - the day poor Paris is due to be put away.

50% of the profits from each sale will go to support the fight against ovarian cancer - donations will be made to Ovarian Cancer Action, funding essential research, raising awareness and giving a voice to those affected by this disease.

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