Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief

Naomi Campbell has always been known as a bit of a diva, a woman who likes to get her own way and demand the best things in life, from organic food to designer French lingerie.

But there’s another side to the most famous supermodel in the world and the annual Fashion for Relief fashion show demonstrates Campbell’s association with charity. The show was held in the Natural History Museum during London Fashion Week and raised money for The White Ribbon Alliance fund, of which Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister’s wife is patron.

A whole host of celebs volunteered their time to model, making it a highly entertaining event. The Sugababes sashayed down the catwalk in sexy purple mini-dresses, only for an embarrassed Heidi to lose her shoe! Ronan Keating strolled along the height of sophistication, which was a dramatic contrast to Vivienne Westwood who looked like a Halloween character, dressed in black with orange hair. Jamelia modelled with her two daughters Tiani and Teja, all in matching tartan outfits.

Amongst the clothes on the catwalk were designs by Chanel and Dior, which were auctioned after the show. Campbell and Brown hope that they had used London Fashion Week to reach people and showcase the work of the charity.

Perhaps they should have a lingerie and pyjama show next year, I’m sure they’d make a lot of money auctioning Ronan Keating’s boxer shorts!

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