Mena Suvari showing off a sexy swimsuit body

Thirty is the age most women dread, metabolisms slow down, waists expand and gravity begins to take it toll. Well, that’s the worst case scenario; in reality women are looking younger than ever. Recently photographed on a Mexican beach in an itsy bitsy bikini Mena Suvari is living proof that thirty is the best time to flaunt your body. With teenage insecurities in the past it’s time to enjoy being comfortable in your own skin.

Mena however, has clearly been working out at the gym and her body has reaped the benefits. Clearly no waif or fad dieter as Mena displayed a healthy, toned body, making it hard to believe that it’s been ten years since she created controversy as the teenage cheerleader in American Beauty.

On holiday with her fiancé Simone Sestito, she took to the water to try her hand at jet skiing, relaxed on loungers and shared intimate moments with Simone who she met been last year at the Toronto film festival. For her Latin holiday Mena favored feminine brightly printed bikinis in turquoise and pink. For your beautiful holiday bikini check out Mio Destino’s collection online.

For more pictures of Mena’s Mexican break click here.

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