Melanie Sykes in Velda Lauder corset

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Presenter Melanie Sykes chose to wear Velda Lauder for her press shots. Velda Lauder is one of the best and most inspirational corset designers. The designer lingerie brand stocked on Mio Destino produces beautiful ready to wear corsets and bespoke corsets in a studio in London.

Melanie Sykes'first break into show business was as the bikini clad girl in the Boddingtons beer advert and became a household name when she presented ‘The Big Breakfast’. The sexy brunette, now aged 39, hosted a variety of award shows and after a break made a comeback with the ITV show ‘Today With Des and Mel’ in 2003.

Melanie Sykes recently divorced her husband Daniel Caltagirone and has since been dating James Abram, an associate producer on the ‘Paul O’Grady Show’. The model turned presenter stated about the new relationship, “It’s going really well and he is brilliant with my two sons who like him very much. He is one of the good guys. He is fantastic and very Northern to the point where he is bringing out all my Northern-ness, not that I need much help in that department.”

Melanie Sykes is currently starring in the Churchill TV advertisements, and wants to move more into acting. Perhaps the promotional shots wearing Velda Lauder will make her stand out.

The featured Velda Lauder undebust corset is the Velda Lauder Pinstripe Underbust Corset. If you look to buy corset brands then Mio destino has a wide selection.

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