Marks and Spencer - Sparks Will Fly

I think everyone’s had one of those days where you wake up and nothing goes right. The cat’s taken over the bed, there’s no shampoo left in the shower, you spill milk over your pajamas and then you get to your wardrobe were the inevitable question arises; what the hell do I wear today?

Well that’s all changed; Patricia Fields (legendary costume designer for Sex and the City) has brought a very special range to M&S. Full of Carrie eccentric pieces, Miranda work wear, Charlotte’s conservative dresses and a splash of Samantha colour; not to mention that crazy flower corsage dress seen on Carrie in the new movie (now in classic black).

Wrap up in a stylish trench coat using the pop printed silk scarf to brighten any dreary British weather in days to come. Personally I’m desperate to get my hands on the little sequined tux jacket, a staple this season with a little added Sex and the City class. Don’t you think those tie back ankle boots look a lot like Carrie’s Dior boots? ‘Cos I do!

From dresses to trousers, shoes and handbags Patricia has basically covered your entire wardrobe needs, there’s even a selection of opaque tights and ribbed knee socks, the woman is a genius.

This is by far the best designer collection for a high street brand in a long time, well done Marks and Sparks! The only thing left out is lingerie but that’s not a problem what with Mio Destino at your fingertips.

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