Male grooming just got - The Apprentice - treatment

Ex-transport manager, Tim Campbell, the star of BBC2's The Apprentice, has set up a company with £25,000 of his own money reportedly saved from the £100,000 he received after winning the hit show in 2005. He is soon to launch a consumer brand across the UK which is expected to encompass all the male must-haves, from shoes to grooming products and hopes to sell into aspirational retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch or Selfridges.

Having no product, supplies or distributors doesn't dent Tim's self-confidence as this Alan Sugar protege believes he understands his customers very well believing they are just like him - dapper, upwardly mobile males who like to lead.

Sir Alan brought Mr Campbell into his business to help with the launch of Integra, an electronic face-care system designed to help to straighten out wrinkles (corsets do just the same to the tummy). Though the product is on sale at Harrods and Argos (interesting retail mix), Integra has not yet done as well as it was hoped.
Mr Campbell said,'I want to build up a business that has that high-end-performance feel. When we've built up that reputation, we can bring it to the middle market.'

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