Maggie Gyllenhaal in provocative lingerie shoot


Indie screen queen Maggie is the new face - and body - of Agent Provocateur. She replaces Kate Moss, a hard act to follow. And the raunchy campaign has definitely been provoking a variety of reactions.

Surfing around on various forums I found comments ranging from

?Oh? this makes me very happy?VERY HAPPY?

via ?I find her very sexy indeed?

to ?hmm i?ve seen better..heck i?ve done better?

and ? I got a lot of time for Maggie but she doesn't look clever in some of those pics. In fact in the 2nd one she looks down right hideous.?

Serena Rees, co-founder of Agent Provocateur defends the choice of model:

"Maggie is not an obvious sex symbol. She is interesting looking, confident and beautiful in a way that is non-threatening, which makes her appealing to men and women alike."

Personally, I think that Maggie is beautiful and interesting to look at. But I?m not sure about her expression in this handcuff picture. Doesn?t she look a bit like a drugged Carrie Fisher? Not necessarily a bad thing ? but probably not the intended effect?

What do you think?

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