Lost is a turning point in TV history. It may sound crass to those who gave up on it during season one, and especially to those who have never seen it, but the news that Lost will continue to 2010 will mean there will have been almost 150 episodes of high quality, captivating TV.

While Britain still continues in thinking six episodes a series is a fair amount, America, as always, has gone bigger and better and put us to shame. After seven seasons the depth of story and characterisation provides a level of story telling that goes beyond what a three hour film could ever provide, and is as complex and intricate as a thousand page novel.

With The Wire, The Sopranos and other numerous dramas in this mould it really makes you wonder why we put up with the likes of Heartbeat and Casualty, which demonstrate an inherent laziness in TV land to stick to a successful but tired formula of mawkish TV for housewives.

Give me Evangeline Lilly over that one off Heartbeat any night of the week.

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