London Fashion Week Day Four

Giles Fashion at London Fashion Week 2008

Seems like fashion week is never going to end! Everyone is starting to look a little bedraggled now, the shoes are getting lower as we give in to the devious blisters that have formed and even the model's hair is starting to limp!!

However, last night, one must applaud Giles for his interesting and beautiful, yet disturbing collection. I think there is always a place for Gothic elements in London fashion, so Giles' collection should do well. Dark veiled girls stomped down the runway in an incoherant, mixed and jumbled collection of navy puffa dresses, vamp red couture-esque dresses and pastel sheaths. There truly was something for every dark princess.

House of Holland took an entirely different route, with purple and yellow fake tartan, which was fun, but whimsical. One can't help but wonder how long this ex-teen mag writer, who is not trained as a designer, can keep up this level of cool credibility. Henry Holland has managed it for another season at least-with a fun, youthful and energetic collection. The help of fashion's darling of the moment, Agyness Dean, can't but help...

Finally, Gareth Pugh's hard edged diva warrior girls made us all sit up straight. This was a collection that was dark, yes, but it was edgy, it was borderline uncomfortable to witness. Zips, pvc, heavy duty armour all made an appearance. And don't even think of applying any fake tan, this look can only be worn with the palest of skin!

Until tomorrow...

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