Lingerie Model- The Life and Times

Is it me or has the whole world gone mad! I’ve just finished flicking through the Daily Express (tragic, yes I know but it was read this, or read the ‘Poetry on the Tube’ for the hundredth time over) and a story about lingerie-model Katie Green, the Wonderbra Model and Eva Herzigova/Sophie Anderton successor. Apparently, Katie had just quit a promising modelling career having been told to drop two-stone or she was finished!

Katie being a slim size 12, 5”10’ and a 30F sounds pretty much like an ideal lingerie-model to me! But then, what do I know? Apparently nothing. If I did I would have simply accepted by now that we live in two worlds – ‘model world’ and reality. Unfortunately, the reality is in fact becoming quite desperate; healthy, curvaceous girls’ are being told to ‘slim-down or ship-out’: but a lingerie-model?

That’s what truly confused me! Vivacious Katie Green is a lingerie model, not a rake who craves the glory of gracing the fashion catwalks of the world. She is built like a lingerie-model and was chosen by Wonderbra for her curves; surely her proudest asset, or so you would think! Is it my mistake in thinking that if you’re going to be advertising bras, surely there has to be something to fit in them – like an amply-sized bust! Who wants to buy bras from a walking, talking bean-pole?

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