Lingerie model Lucy Pinder in Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother has started again for another series after the producers skipped last year because of the Shilpa Shetty race row in 2007. Eleven housemates entered the house including Coolio, Latoya Jackson, Ulrika Jonsson and Lucy Pinder. The favourite to win currently is Mini Me actor Verne Troyer who won the heart of the crowd on opening night gaining the biggest cheer.

The house has two main bedrooms, and a luxury private room, a luxury bathroom and new heated outdoor seating area. The private was awarded to ex-Word presenter Terry Christian for not being greedy about where he slept. He was also made head of the house and given immunity from the first eviction. Two housemates were left without their clothes prompting Big Brother to go and buy them some. Coolio was left unclothed after his luggage got lost on the flight from LA, whilst ex-Sugababe Mutya had a suitcase full of designer gear which wasn’t allowed due to brand logos being banned from television.

Lucy Pinder, the 25 year old glamour model who was spotted on Bournemouth beach is unlikely to be stripping down to her bikini in this weather, but will undoubtedly get the vote from men and women alike due to her friendly personality.

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