Lingerie Clad Lady Gaga

Whilst most of us would balk at the prospect of strutting around the streets in our underwear Lady Gaga, New York’s newest star on the club scene has used her skimpy outfits as a way to attract attention; from both fans and media alike. And it seems to be working. Recently the Sun claimed that the "clothes-dodging newcomer has been shocking the nation with her ridiculously skimpy outfits since arriving in the UK."

According to W Magazine she is known to run around New York’s lower east side wearing ‘something along the lines of a strapless bra, sheer red leopard-print tights, high-cut briefs and six-inch heels’. Clearly Lady Gaga is braver than most! While Mio Destino is not suggesting you should all strip off and head to the streets, perhaps we can all learn from Lady Gaga and enjoy our lingerie (and maybe just maybe show it off a little bit more!).

The bravery continues on stage where Lady Gaga chooses to perform in only her underwear. Customised underwear no less. Now at Mio Destino we know that most women don’t have the desire or the time to stick mosaic mirrors all over their bras and so we have carefully chosen some of the best lingerie on the market so you too will want to wear only your underwear!

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