Lingerie in Lace for Lady Gaga

Lingerie-loving Lady Gaga caused quite a stir at New York’s Fashion Week, barely out of the press; Gaga has been bearing all in lingerie revealing, red lace cat suit, posing with Madonna, faking her own death and looking definitely worse for wear after some serious partying!

At the Marc Jacobs after party the infamous lady looked, according to the British press ‘rather like an anti-goddess’ in a striking red lace cat suit, with matching lace eye patch (naturally) and huge spiky hairpiece. The overall look left Lady Gaga barely covered with only a small g-string and strategic ruffle to cover her modesty, no lingerie insight!

Whilst Lady Gaga’s recent outfits have outraged some it really isn’t a surprise to see her making a statement through her stage clothes but it seems spending so much time creating these outrageous stage outfits means that Lady Gaga forgot about her red carpet appearances. Photographed in a Jean Paul Gaultier sequinned white sheath the fashionista seemed to be lacking in lingerie – well bra to be more specific, and it seems she needs some support!

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