Lingerie Hell - Victoria Beckham’s Spring Collection

In New York, fashion week is well and truly done and dusted and with catwalk images filling the fashion press most of the attention is on one British designer’s third, modest collection. Victoria Beckham’s figure hugging dresses, which leave barely enough room for lingerie, are quietly and steadily gaining the respect of the fickle fashion industry.

The label’s rather shy beginnings mean that this year is the first time the press has seen a small, informal runway show rather than one-to-one appointments. With Victoria herself giving running commentary to each look there is definite air of seriousness and dedication.

The Daily Mail’s fashion team reported that "the fledgling designer didn't disappoint, her latest offering braver and more confident than previous seasons. For Spring 2010 the collection featured bolder colours and a more adventurous spectrum of fabrics and cuts than in previous seasons." With Victoria herself stating in the press, "this is my third collection, and I wanted to push myself", whilst going on to state "but I also wanted to be respectful of my customer, I want her to know she can rely on me."

Figure hugging dresses, skinny trousers and fabrics that skim the body seems to be an emerging trend from fashion week, which leaves a nightmare in the lingerie department! Check out Mio Destino’s great collection of versatile, practical yet sexy lingerie to find something to match your needs. With the attention being on British fashion this week try Fleur of England’s latest autumn collection.

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