Lingerie: Confidence is Capability

A little over a week ago, I spent a lovely, lazy morning, reading the Sunday Times Style magazine, about a not-so-lovely Elle Macpherson. Deemed the ‘Modelpreneur’ by Camilla Long, Macpherson came across cool, (in fact icy) and more than in-control. After a lengthy, rather mundane interview about her lingerie company growing from strength-to-strength, her children and her failed relationships, she finally gets interesting, proclaiming a childhood stink of wearing stockings under jeans. “Lingerie can engender confidence” and I can’t help but to agree.

Every morning the monotonous, humdrum chores of reality engulf us, and our only saviour is lurking in the back of the lingerie drawer. Push aside the drudgery of the nude basics and slip into something a little more glamorous, which looks and more importantly feels more exotic than the M&S fundamentals. The best bit…keeping it your secret! No-one has to know, and more-over no-one should know. Confidence will radiate around the office thanks to a little lace lingerie, and all those in their barely-white whites will wonder why.

Looking good is feeling good, an age old secret which is never less than true. Putting on the right lingerie will enliven your spirit, and your business ability. Confidence is capability. So tomorrow morning, instead of reaching for something which makes sense, reach for something that doesn’t; that lacy push-up half-cup or those never-left the bedroom frillies; knowing that you look mind-blowing underneath a deceptively dull suit will give you more than a twinkle in your eye.

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