Lingerie and the City

Once again it seems that the celebs just can’t help flaunting their lingerie to the world. The latest underwear sighting was curtsey of Agnes Dean in New York. - the said outfit consisted of a vintage negligee and not much else. Perhaps slightly inappropriate for the icy New York weather but it seems this time public lingerie look wasn’t intentional.

According to nymag, after a session of watching old movies Agyness found her inspiration in Glen or Glenda, the Ed Wood tranny classic, in which the main character spends most of their time in lingerie. While watching the films she decided to don her own lingerie and was too engrossed to notice it was time to get ready to go. Mio Destino thinks the lesson here is to have lingerie your proud of - who knows when you may have to make a public appearance?!

Agyness’ bold and quirky fashion sense has become famous globally and this recent incident shows that perhaps some of the best looks are unplanned.

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