Like A Rolling Stone

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones really annoy me. They could easily stake a claim for the greatest lives lived in human existence. They have dated some the world?s best looking women, drunk a lot, done drugs (which we cannot condone in anyway) and survived, lived out the wildest hedonistic highs of a rock and roll life, AND remained credible and relevant through 50 years of producing the world?s best ever Rock ?n? Roll music.

And now, to cap it all in a blaze of glory, Martin Scorsese has filmed and directed them live on stage in a new film documentary entitled Shine A Light ? after a fantastic track on their equally brilliant Exile On Main St. album from 1972. It will be in cinemas soon and no doubt will be brilliant.

It?s best not to dwell on the different between your life and theirs, it will make you wish you?d skipped more school and learnt the guitar. If you still need convincing of the Stones? greatness ? take a listen to Gimme Shelter, arguably the most brooding and menacing rock and roll song ever recorded.

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