How to Look Good Naked

Ladies, have you ever admired the sexy lingerie on Mio Destino, been all set to buy a piece until you realize one problem the fact that you don't exactly have the perfect beach body anymore!

Most women feel the pressure when it comes to this time of year (I am obviously not talking about the recent rainy days here in Blightly!) when the sun starts to peep out and makes us want to set our bodies free from their clothing prisons! But what if your body has seen better days and you want to still wear the latest fashions on the beach?

That's where the ingenious programme How to Look Good Naked comes in. The programme (which airs on Channel 4, Tuesdays, 8pm) aims to teach women (most of whom are in dire need of help) how to dress in the correct way for their body type so much so that at the end of their training, even the most shy librarian is able to strut her stuff down the catwalk in front of hundreds wearing nothing but her skimpiest undies and, in front of an earlier naked photo shoot!

Let's face it, none of us are going to have the body of an eighteen year old forever so we could all do with some help now and again!

It is great for us ladies who always find it difficult to choose which products are best for our cellulite, bags under our eyes or for lip plumping because every week the programme road tests different brands of products to find out which ones actually work and the ones which are just a rip off!

The show's presenter Gok Wan is also very entertaining what with sticking his head in between one lady's large erm assets one week, his pulling and preening techniques and his excellent knowledge of what suits any woman picked from the street he makes the programme definitely worth watching.

For all you men out there, don't despair or write off the programme too soon for it includes every man's dream loads of women wearing just their knickers standing about in a room!

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