Guys take our test and find your style

Answer the following questions to find style suggestions to suit your personality!

1. How would you describe your look?

A) Eclectic and fun
B) Original - I like to make an impact
C) Well-planned and coordinated
D) Traditional
E) Relaxed

2. What do you wear for a night out?

A) Whatever takes my fancy
B) Something unique-looking
C) A silk shirt with smart trousers
D) A blazer with linen trousers
E) A sweater and jeans

3. What do you wear to work?

A) Something different every day
B) Clothes that make a statement
C) Something elegant
D) Conservative clothes
E) Comfortable clothes

4. What's your attitude to grooming products?

A) I mainly use natural products
B) I use quite a few products on my hair
C) I like trying out new products
D) I use them if I really need to
E) They aren't a priority

5. What is your dream car?

A) Original Beetle/2 CV
B) Lexus sport/Ferrari
C) Classic or vintage
D) Mercedes/Jaguar
E) Estate car

Now tally your scores

If you scored mostly A's - You are Creative

You enjoy clothes, but you're no slave to fashion. You want to show of your colourful personality in an individual way. If you could choose you'd never have to conform to a formal business environment; you'd like your look to vary from day to day. But fear not! You can add individual touches to your work wear without being thrown out of the office.

- Explore interesting fabrics when choosing your suits. Try velvet, tweed and corduroy.
- Wear thin ties or scarves instead of traditional ones. Or why not try a cravat!
- Combine vintage or retro-style clothes.

Style role models
David Bowie
Sir Bob Geldof

If you scored mostly B?s ? You are Dramatic

You love being cutting-edge. Whether it?s the latest hairstyle, gadget or jeans ? you want them! And your natural confidence and exuberance means you can get away with stuff that most guys are terrified of (white suits, bling jewellery). But be careful not to get too carried away; clothes need to suit your body shape and colouring as well as your personality.

- Curb your natural penchant for impulse buys. Go home and look at the rest of your wardrobe to make sure you?ve got garments to wear your potential new item with.
- Make sure you have boots or shoes to go with all your outfits.
- Have regular wardrobe clearouts to make room for your new purchases. Don?t chuck clothes away ? ebay the best items and give the rest to charity.

Style role models
Robbie Williams
David Beckham
P. Diddy
If you scored mostly C?s ? You are Romantic

You are secure in your look and invest time and money in your appearance. Though you enjoy shopping you take your time before making a new clothes purchase: no impulse buys here!

- Indulge your love of interesting fabrics, but make sure you buy clothes that suit your body type. If your legs are short, for instance, pick a top and trousers in the same colour to elongate your legs.
- Make the most of your eye for detail by exploring double cuffs and cravats.
- Unless you want to be a regular at the dry cleaners, check the care labels on new purchases. Remember, you can get machine-washable silk now!

Style role models
Laurence Llewellyn Bowen
Bryan Ferry
If you scored mostly D?s ? You are Classic

You have a traditional look which you?ve probably had for years ? and you see no need to change it. You are not a risk taker and seldom experiment with new colours or fabrics.

- Don?t be too afraid to experiment with new colours or shapes. You might like them!
- Remember that, in general, men?s fashion changes about once a decade. This includes broad trends, such as tie width and trouser cuts, which you?ll want to observe.
- Casual doesn?t have to be sloppy; try jeans and a sweater every now and again.

Style role models
Bill Clinton
Prince William

If you scored mostly E?s ? You are Natural

?Relaxed? and ?cool? are two words that sum up your attitude to style - and life in general. You are a laid-back man who likes comfortable, functional clothes. You aren?t a fan of formal business wear.

- Even casual clothes wear out and need to be replaced.
- Loose-fitting is fine, but beware of overly baggy jeans which expose too much underwear. Unless you?re a teenager or a rapper.
- Business wear doesn?t have to be high-maintenance; invest in a washable non-iron suit.

Style role models
Jude Law
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

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