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I searched for my name on Google and was slightly peeved that my search was adjusted because I had apparently spelt my own name incorrectly. There is a notion carried by today's internet savvy society that you haven't made it in life until you find yourself on Google.

I came across roughly 150,000 pages dedicated to my own name. Yet none, sadly, dedicated entirely to me. Compare this to Britney Spears 16,100,000 pages and I've got a bit of work to do before I reach world domination levels.

No pictures of me, news about my life and definitely no pages on Google Scholar. I even tried Google Earth but there were only a few Mount David's or Saint David's and a few boring streets. Try typing your own name with the words criminal or amazing or even sexy before it and see what happens.

Again the gene pool of Davids dont seem to be the life and soul of the party even with these helpful words attached. It does have a flip side however. I searched my mother's name and thankfully didn't find anything at all. So my name isn't unique, I'm not that fussed. As long as I perceive myself to be a unique snowflake then I'm cool.

But Aaron and Kaylene Barker of Springville, Iowa, were bothered. They wanted to find a unique name for their sprog, so they adopted an ingenious way of finding an exclusivity by searching on Google. They finally settled on Dallin Barker.
I'm sorry but would it really matter what last name you had if your first name was Dallin? I'm sure if you searched Google there wouldn't be too many Dallin's floating about regardless. I know. I've checked. (Although one did spring to mind during the 1994 World Cup Finals for Sweden.

I suggested to my Uncle Henry this method of conceiving a name for any future Henry-babies he may soon be producing. I also suggested following the path laid out by Jermaine Jackson (Jermajesty, anyone?) by naming his kids in variations of his own name, regardless of sex. Like Henrietta or Henry VIII or

The Edge from U2 named his little girl Blue Angel. As soon as I found this fact out I wrote a personal letter to Mr Edge suggesting that if he had three boys he could name them Joshua One, Joshua Two and Joshua Tree. Again the route of naming his kids after himself could be followed. The Boundary, The Border and The Periphery? I still await his response and signed photo.

And what on earth was Ice Cube thinking; O'Shea? I could maybe understand if it was Rooney or Ronaldo or even Scholes, but O'Shea? He's just a squad player.

But surely the worst/best is Jason Lee effort to completely ruin his child's life without doing anything illegal by naming his child Pilot Inspektor.

Maybe Dallin isn't looking like such a bad option after all. I could cheat perhaps and change my last name to Hasselhoff

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