Go Girdle

Vollers Corsets Hourglass Figure

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba have fessed up to using it. In the UK alone we spend £135 million on it. And who could forget Hugh Grant?s enjoyment of it in the film version of Bridget Jones?s Diary ?

Yes, I?m thinking of shapewear. Gone are the days when ?control pants? meant ungainly beige monstrosities that dug into the flesh and made sitting down impossible. Nowadays you can find underwear that helps to even out the lumps and bumps without compromising on sex appeal and comfort.

And it?s not all pants.

Check out this sexy satin waspie. It helps hold stomach and hips in place for a perfect hourglass figure.

Now you might be thinking that women shouldn?t have to ?control? and ?shape? their bodies ? but tell that to this season?s high-waisted jeans and pencil skirts! The waist is back in fashion, so fashionable girls everywhere are thanking their lucky stars that updated girdles are on hand to lending a helping squeeze?

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