Getting Spicy The Spice Girls are Back

The Spice Girls Reunite

So the Spice Girls are back ? despite us doing away with them several years ago ? and to celebrate (or make it up to men) they are also doing a photo shoot for Victoria?s Secret which apparently will be ?tasteful and not slutty.?

According to The Sun the look will reflect their ?personas? that so enthralled us in the 1990s so presumably Scary Spice while stick to the traditional leopard print look (which is pretty scary) and some devil horns and a pitch fork perhaps while Sporty Spice (god these are lame aren?t they?) will be doing some sort of ?kick? to re-enforce her sporty-ness. Posh will be, er, eating a Victoria sponge cake (references abound there) and Ginger spice will, oh god, have lots of ginger cats with her? I?m not even going to make a joke about Baby Spice?s look.

So the Spice Girls are back and we might as well accept it - but they will never reclaim their crown as the top girl band from the all-powerful Girls Aloud who have raised the bar significantly since the phrase ?girl power? was just a marketing idea in a boardroom somewhere ? and they?re known by their real names too.

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