Gaga’s New Outfit is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Global phenomena Lady Gaga, who emerged from the New York City club scene last year, has been famed for her provocative sense of style as much as her singing ability. The ‘Poker Face’ beauty was certainly turning heads during her performance at the recent MuchMusic Awards, which climaxed with her metallic bodice becoming aflame.

It appears that dancing her way through the outdoor ceremony in only underwear has paid off, as her appearance has become the most talked about of the night. Many were quick to draw a comparison with the reinvention of the corset by Madonna in the 1980s; an artist Gaga often sites as a major inspiration as she too wishes to become a pop culture icon. The blonde bombshell claims, “Fashion is everything to me. It’s just as important as the music!”

Those that tuned into the performance are clearly taking note of the re-envisioning, as a stylish corset is now on many people’s wish-list. Far from the days of aristocracy when women would squeeze into the bodices, today’s collections are both comfortable and distinctive. Have a look for your favourites at Mio Destino today.

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