Forget about money, look what you could win!

Will we watch anything?

Last week Channel 4 showed a documentary about a 26 year old male virgin attending a virgin school in Holland. His first experiences of touching a womans body, looking at female genitalia, getting intimate and ultimately having sex were all captured on camera and broadcast to the world. Lovely. I'm sure that's going to help him have a more relaxed and normal attitude to sex

I was abroad and missed the show. Having heard about it and read about it I think it sounds awful, exploitative, obscene. I'm also gutted that I missed it.

So I admit it; I'm part of the problem. Who can blame TV producers for showing shows which humiliate and denigrate people when the rest of us keep watching them?!

What's next? Season 8 of Big Brother stale news. I'll probably watch it, but not with excitement.

However those Dutch geniuses who brought us BB have dreamed up something sicker and better: the Big Donor government is show. Basically, a group of people will be competing to win a kidney. The producers have found a terminally ill woman who has agreed to give away one of her kidneys as a prize.

The public will vote who should receive the kidney; in other words, they'll vote for whose life they want to save.

Now that's killer TV.

Unsurprisingly the Dutch government is skeptical about this show.

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