FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women Results Are Out!

FHM?s 100 Sexiest Women

So the latest FHM Top 100 sexiest women results are out and Megan Fox has come out on top, so to speak. The star of the Transformers has wrestled Jessica Alba from top spot ? hmm, that?s a nice image isn?t it ? to win this (I?m assuming) coveted position.

Perhaps the biggest shock is that Britney Spears, a former number 1 and popular choice for any teenager across the land, has added 00 to her previous best and scrapped in at 100. I guess that?s what shaving your head, crashing your car, having a Vegas wedding and releasing mediocre pop does to your FHM entry ? let?s hope Ms Fox bears this in mind.

The thing is though I?m sure any man reading this is thinking that while Fox and Alba are all perfectly well and good, given the choice they?d put their own girlfriend at number one straight away ? especially if she was in some Mio Destino lingerie.

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