Eternal Spirits Corset for Miss England

Reigning Miss England, Rachel Christie, has chosen her outfit for the Miss World competition from a unique brand. Eternal Spirits Corsetry will be providing the English beauty with a corset and skirt outfit to wear for the contest in South Africa this winter.

Christie learnt about the fabulous corsets when trying one on for a modelling job in London. “I think they're really original and different. Everything that you can think of in design, they've got. I also like the fact they're made in England as it's good to represent our designers too."

Rachel chose the corset for its elegance and the colour red to represent the flag and football team. She hopes that by wearing a corset she ‘will bring a Victorian feel’. The outfit will be worn in a round at the pageant where contestants are expected to wear a costume which represents their country and do a traditional dance.

Miss England’s surname is a clue to where she gets her fantastic figure – as niece of Olympic Gold Medal Sprinter Linford Christie, Rachel has followed in his sporting footsteps and is training with aspirations for the Olympics in London 2012. Her focused attitude and healthy physique make a refreshing change from the all the celebrities filling the pages of gossip magazines. Hopefully in her role as Miss England and athlete, Rachel will be become a healthier role model for the next generation of girls.

If you fancy bringing a touch of Victorian elegance to your wardrobe, take a look at Eternal Spirits corsets at Mio Destino.

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