Desperate Corsets.

Corsets at Mio Destino

Eva Longoria's Desperate Housewives character, Gabrielle, is known for her seduction techniques and often forceful tactics to get her own way. It seems that the wives stay true to their characters and the new season sees Gabrielle desperately trying to revive he love life with husband Carlos, with a sexy new corset (what else?!)

Poor Carlos is exhausted from a new high paying job and consequently has been too tired maintain their love life. Desperate to get her own way Gabrielle forces Carlos onto the bed but he has other ideas. Suggesting the spice things up even more, he ties her to the bed – and promptly leaves her there so he can catch up on sleep!

Gabrielle is left not only frustrated, but with no one to appreciate her sexy new lingerie! Really Carlos, how could you refuse?!

Mio Destino thinks that you shouldn’t wait till you need to spice up your sex life to buy a beautiful corset. Check out Mio Destino's collection today, surprise your hopefully not too exhausted partner and hopefully receive some appreciation! Plus, it doesn’t have to be saved for the bedroom. Try your corset under a silk blouse or cashmere cardigan for truly sophisticated sexiness.

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