Designer lingerie and a normal day

Gok Wan will get you regardless of whether its the day for designer lingerie or that questionably old beige number. The knickers of which you always did wonder if another use of them would be to signal search and rescue teams in the event of a Ray Mears type situation; either that or to put out a reasonable sized fire.

His unceasing search across the shopping centres of Britain will mean that one day, somewhere, sometime, he’s going to get everyone into his fashionista cannon sights. You can’t run or hide, he’ll strike when you least expect it, like the morning after a particularly messy staff party. You know the one where you woke up and wondered how they make pneumatic drills cranium sized and your hangover remedy really isn’t working.

It's on dangerous days like these when clothes selection can suffer. Call it Karma or sods law, either way those glasses will seek you out and before you know it you’ll be in the famous mirror showing off those beige beauties.

Best then to always be prepared and keep some Mimi Holliday or Yes Master behind ‘break in event of emergency’ glass ready for next time Gok comes prowling then. It could go right next to the emergency glass with a feather duster behind, in case Kim and Aggie are around for another ‘How clean is your house’.

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