Davina McCall Back in Shape

Davina McCall always looks gorgeous; her infectious personality makes her instantly likeable. But if you think that she’s looking particularly radiant hosting Celeb Big Brother at the moment, it is because two years after giving birth to her third child, she is back down to her ideal weight and feels fantastic because of it. She told Closer magazine, “I’m not one of those celebs who has to be 8st – I don’t think I could get that skinny even if I tried – but I did want to get back down to my pre-baby weight”.

Davina, 41, has three children, Holly aged seven, Tilly, five, and Chester, two, with husband Matthew Robertson an ex-TV presenter. She put on an extra two stone when Chester was born, and struggled to get rid of the extra pounds. She is clear on losing weight healthily and describes how she hopes that she provides her whole family with a healthy, varied diet.

Much of Davina’s weight loss is due to exercising with personal trainers Jackie and Mark Wren, a couple she has been working with for years. She trains for an hour three times a week, mixing boxing, cardio and weights. To celebrate getting her old body back, Davina made her fifth fitness DVD, Davina McCall: Super Body Workout, priced £11.98 on Amazon it provides a fun, total body workout to get anyone into shape. How she finds time to have a family, career and the perfect body isn’t explained on the DVD, so that will have to remain a mystery! However if you’re new year’s diet to get the perfect body all lingerie models would be jealous of isn’t quite going to plan, her DVD could give you a great boost.

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