David Beckham �unveiled�

David Beckham was officially unveiled at MLS side LA Galaxy this week.

An unveiling surly is a surprise; the revealing of something behind a shroud of secrecy, as when an artist unveils their new painting at an exhibition, or when Seb Coe unveiled the logo for the 2012 Olympics. Sometimes, plans are unveiled by politicians or businessmen their strategies laid out for the first time in front of voters or investors, offering a new direction or a new must-have feature. Apple have specialised in unveiling their products in this way.

But nothing could have been more expected than the arrival of international footballing superstar David Beckham in LA last week. Every detail of his move his bust up with former coach of Real Madrid, Fabio Capello; the size and terms of his new contract; his reputed earnings; his close-season form for club and country; and even the health effects of the commute from across the Atlantic for international duty has been covered by the media. Despite all the cricket and tennis, this has been the sports story of the summer. And so his unveiling was an entirely expected event. No surprises, no mysteries, and absolutely no secrets revealed. That's no unveiling. If, in front of the worlds press, Thierry Henry had emerged from behind a curtain at the MLS club, now that would have been an unveiling.

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