Corsets to Suit Your Neo-Burlesque or New Burlesque Side

Neo-burlesque has come from dancers and audiences nostalgic for the glamour and spectacle of days gone by. The burlesque revival began in the early 1990s with Billie Madley's ‘Cinema’ and with Ami Goodheart in ‘Dutch Weismann's Follies’, Michelle Carr's ‘The Velvet Hammer’ troupe in LA, and ‘The Shim-Shamettes’ in New Orleans. The burlesque form has also been popularized by many individual burlesque dancers such as Dirt Martini and Dita Von Teese.

New burlesque includes acts with striptease, luxury corsets, expensive costumes, raucous humor and cabaret. Neo burlesque dance shows are now in all major cities with annual events such as the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and the Miss Exotic World Pageant being held to honour and popularize the burlesque form.

Mio Destino have a stunning corset collection for you to start your very own striptease. Indulge in a bespoke corset from top designers such as Velda Lauder, Vollers, What Katie Did and Eternal Spirits and dance the night away.

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