Corsets - Time To Give Yours A Workout

Want a fun and sexy workout? Then get your hands on the new DVD, Learn The Art of Burlesque, £22.99. Not only is the practice good for toning, but it will give you a boost in self esteem and sex appeal.

The DVD teaches you everything from the history of burlesque, burlesque dance moves, glove peeling, striptease technique, nipple tassel twirling, performance, routine building, costuming and styling. With practice, you could be the next Dita Von Teese and your partner will love it. Leading British burlesque dancer and expert exotic arts tutor Keda Breeze leads the teaching on the DVD which runs for an hour. You get a real insight into the art form and soon learn that it is much more complicated than it looks! Keda invites you to her boudoir to learn the secrets to her impeccable glamour.

Once you have worked the moves and experimented with make-up, it’s time to invest in some new designer lingerie. Mio Destino’s range of corsets will leave you feeling and looking fabulous. The DVD is available on Amazon.

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