Corsets, get ready for the return!

Vollers black satin corsetVollers Florence CorsetVollers midnight blue corset

Corsets are becoming increasingly in demand with celebs such as Amy Winehouse, Kylie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham frequently sporting them corset on nights out and on the red carpet, it?s little wonder that the rest of us are pining to get one.

No longer are corsets restricted to bridal wear (even though they are great for under your wedding dress), you can now wear your corset with pride as an item of outerwear too. So you?ll have the versatility and the option of wearing yours under your clothes, or as evening wear. The great thing about the corset, is that however you chose to wear it, you will be pulled in on the waist and stomach, and your bust will be lifted, giving you a slimmer and smooth shape.

Vollers Corset Company
are the renowned throughout the fashion and lingerie worlds as one of the best corset manufacturers around. And you can now get them on Mio Destino! Furthermore, you can also get the skirts which they?ve designed to match the corset-a complete outfit to really dazzle at an important and glamorous occasion.

Volers Full Length Silk Satin Skirt

All of the corsets are front fastening, with gorgeous back lacing, and an aptly named modesty panel! Mio Destino have both over bust and under bust corsets
Vollers leopard print waspie
but it?s probably best to stick with the over bust for your outerwear (unless worn over a cool t-shirt or vest top). Although high street stores try to copy Vollers style, they don?t succeed because for a truly beautiful corset, you can?t scrimp on material and craftsmanship. The great thing about Vollers however, is that their corsets follow all the traditional rules to make a beautiful corset, but do not charge over the top prices. So you win all round-you get a bargain, and a great silhouette and shape! To look on trend at your next evening occassion get your Vollers corset today.

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