Corset Sexed Up by Sugababe newbie

Corset clad new member, Jade Ewen, who has slipped into the role effortlessly, has already been spotted shooting the groups new music video in a sexy corset just days after joining the band. In a surprising move, the original and probably most recognisable Sugababe member Keisha Buchanan was axed and replaced by Britain’s unsuccessful Eurovision entrant Jade Ewen. Keisha will remain on Island Records as solo artist.

Girl group, Sugababes, have been around for 10 years and enjoyed a string of top ten hits. No strangers to skimpy outfits and corsets, they have always had a successful mix of sex appeal and catchy tunes.

Filming for the girls’ new video took place in the Santa Clarita desert, outside Los Angeles. 21 year-old Jade wore tiny black hotpants and a studded corset, Heidi wore a slashed all-in-one and Amelle a low cut zipped dress. The next day Jade was spotted shopping in LA, splashing her cash in the priciest shops.

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