Corset on Scarlet Magazine

Dita Von Teese looked her sexy self wearing a Velda Lauder corset on the cover of Scarlet magazine. With her trademark fifties hair and bright red lipstick Dita Von Tesse wore a Velda Lauder corset with plunging black satin corset front and grey side panels.

Scarlet magazine launched in 2004 with the tag line, ‘the new magazine for women who get it’. It claims to empower women to lead healthier sex lives making Dita the perfect advocate. Scarlet has received positive reviews from newspapers such as The Times but has also been criticised for being too feminist and promoting sex as a consumer commodity.

Dita Von Teese is well known as a burlesque dancer, with a strong personal style. She wears corsets, looking great in black corsets, and designer lingerie to perform and pose for photoshoots. Her retro pin-up look set her apart from other fetish models.

The burlesque star has also been credited with the fashionable return of suspenders and hold ups. Everyone from Lily Allen to Rihanna has been spotted with the latest leg accessory. Rihanna appeared at Paris Fashion Week wearing S & M -style thigh boots with suspenders on show.

Be like Dita and get your Velda Lauder corset today.

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