Claire Sweeney’s Reverse Diet

Standing in her bikini, ex-Brookside actress, Claire Sweeney looks perfectly in proportion. She watches what she eats and exercises three times a week to maintain a slim figure and flat stomach. However, some six weeks later she had piled on two stone for an experiment aired on ITV at the beginning of January.

The experiment aimed to find out how Claire’s body would change if she ate whatever she wanted and didn’t exercise. She enjoyed tucking into burgers and chips but three weeks in she felt lethargic and was putting on weight around her stomach. She said, “In the end, I had this big belly and that was the scariest thing because weight carried around your middle is the most dangerous to health.”

It is clear that many women live their lives as Sweeney did for just six weeks, which may be causing serious health problems for them. After the six weeks, Sweeney was a size 14 which is the average UK dress size. The only thing she liked about her new body was that her bra size increased magnificently from a C to G cup.

The programme pulled in 3.2 million viewers, showing how issues of weight and fitness directly interest and affect a wide audience.

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